The Cayman Islands combines a robust operating environment with an attractive quality of life to cement itself as a leading jurisdiction for the formation of reinsurance companies. Leveraging its long and successful history as a leading financial centre, the Cayman Islands continues to attract a growing number of reinsurance companies to its shores.

Well known as the world’s leading hedge fund centre and the number two domicile for captive insurance companies, the development of the commercial reinsurance industry in the Cayman Islands was a natural progression for the financial services industry.

Cayman Reinsurance by the numbers.

  • The Cayman Islands’ Financial Services industry is valued at approximately US$ 5 trillion

  • With 680 International Insurance licenses, Cayman is #2 worldwide

  • Growth: 50 Reinsurers and US$25 billion Reinsurer Asset Growth in past 3 years

  • Memorandum of Understanding with NAIC

  • The Cayman Islands Government has enacted Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEAs) with 36 global partners

  • Politically stable jurisdiction with 95%+ employment

  • Tax neutral jurisdiction committed to cooperation with OECD, EU and US

  • Global Reinsurance Domicile: Counterparties from US, Asia and Europe

Cayman Islands Insurance Licences.

2022 2021
Class A Insurance Companies 25 25
Class B Insurance Companies 642 634
Class B(i) 453 452
Class B(ii) 14 14
Class B(iii) 175 168
Class C Insurance Companies 21 21
Class D Reinsurance Companies 7 6

International Insurance Companies.

Q3 2022
Class D Insurance Companies 7
Class D Insurance Companies Total Premium US$1,754,452,459

Q4 2022
Total Reinsurance Companies 73
Reinsurance Companies Total Premium US$12,056,252,621
Reinsurance Companies Total Assets US$28,426,940,059

Types of Reinsurance in the Cayman Islands.

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